Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Fly Went By

Marshall "Mike" McClintock, author of one of my favorite childhood-era books, A Fly Went By (first published in 1958), was born on this day in 1906 in Topeka, Kansas. He was also known for a few other minor children's classics, including Stop That Ball! (1951) and What Have I Got (1961).

As an editor, McClintock secured the publication of the first in a long series of children's books by an old Dartmouth classmate of his, Theodore Geisel -- better known as Dr. Seuss. The book was Mulberry Street (1938).

McClintock also wrote patriotic pulp novels during World War II under the pseudonyms of William Starret (the Nurse Blake series, 1942-44) and Gregory Duncan (the Fighters for Freedom series, 1944). He died in 1967.



Anonymous AdamB said...

As a random passer-by stumbling across here by happen stance, I just wanted you to know your site, by all initial impressions, seems interesting.

More specifically, I wanted to say that I, too, loved A Fly Went By as a child and recently was overjoyed to find it among my own daughters books! Now how did that get there? A fantastic journey for generations to come.

4:29 AM  

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