Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Local Notes, #1

  • On the evening of August 2, Jeremy Messersmith, on something of an extended national tour, opened for The Donuts and Alyssa Jean and the Gypsy Blue Band at The Fire on Girard Street in Philadelphia. The gnome-like one-man AV club spent most of his set crawling around on stage pulling cables, kicking footpedals and pushing buttons, but the ultimate effect was presumably as intended by Messersmith -- small lyrical gestures and the voice of a bunny rabbit over a raft of electronica that single-handedly calls to mind the stuff of Matt Hales (Aqualung). The Donuts, meanwhile, were on fire at The Fire; lead singer J. Bearclaw apparently had a bad day at his day job, which led him to snarl his way through a Wallenda-tight set that included songs from The Donuts' latest CD (Jet Ear), concluding by throwing his guitar and storming off the stage without so much as a valedictory.

  • In Can-Am League play last night, the Atlantic City Surf faced Les Capitales de Quebec, and the stylish minor league girlfriend corps was out at Bernie Robbins Stadium in full force. Amid cries of "Sacre bleu!" and "Viva le frommage!" (I made up that second one), Les Capitales bested the struggling Surfites, 7-4. Despite six innings of shaky pitching by AC's Monte Mansfield, I did not have to come out of Section 216 and pitch the 7th inning myself.

  • Thanks to a service call by yours truly yesterday, Grandpere now enjoys all cable channels between 27 and 55 as well as audio. His on-screen menus, however, are still in Spanish. Score that one Grandpere, 2, his JVC remote, 1.

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