Saturday, June 23, 2007

Something My Wife Whipped Up, #1

The wife's always good at whipping up something out of nothing.

Impromptu Toasted Crab

Squirt a little Dijon mustard and drizzle a little olive oil into a salad bowl, and whisk until combined. Toss in one whole Cucumber, chunked; then add a little bit of Feta cheese, a can of Lump Crab Meat, a generous handful each of Fresh Spinach and Fresh chopped Broccolini, some chopped Cilantro, and a few tablespoons of Black Beans. Add ground red and black pepper. Toss with red-headed élan.

Melt a slice of Manchego Cheese onto both halves of four toasted English muffins. Scoop out Crab Salad mixture onto English muffin halves, for four tasty little sandwiches. Enjoy with a glass of Artesa Sauvignon Blanc, or another dry, citrusy California white.



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