Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trouble with Body Parts

British TV star Danniella Westbrook (born on this day in 1973 in Walthamstow, England) -- known to fans of EastEnders as "Sam Mitchell" (1990-3, 1995-6, 1999-2000) -- has had some notorious trouble with her body parts. She apparently had such a serious addiction to cocaine since the age of 14 that she snorted away the septum of her nose, leaving her with the ghastly appearance of having one nostril. The BBC dutifully filmed around her nose, shooting her from above to conceal the injury (and the habit), but all was revealed in June 2000 when she was photographed by a paparazzo leaving an awards ceremony. The next day, her nose and the extent of her habit were laid bare for all to see in the tabloids. By 2002, she was post-rehab and trying to put the episode behind her, permitting herself to be the subject of a scaring-straight Channel 4 documentary, Danniella Westbrook: My Nose and Me, and making plans for reconstructive surgery (which, by all accounts, was not going to be easy). In June 2002, however, tabloids reported that Danniella was rushed to the hospital after the rupture of one of her saline breast implants.

Some people might be better off locking themselves in Tupperware and only coming out for meals and work.

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Anonymous Dad said...

Ron/Dad where do you find these people? They con from all walks of life and have intresting stories. Keep up the birthday people

9:34 PM  

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